Invacare Myon Active Wheelchair


The Invacare® MyOn™ Active wheelchair is a comfortable, foldable, lightweight wheelchair, that is ideally suited for everyday use.

Key features of this wheelchair are increased center of gravity positioning and increased seat depth and seat width. It is a shared platform with other models in the MyOn™ family which means that therapists and dealers can maximize opportunities for modularity and personalized adjustments for the end user.


  • A dual cross brace design adds frame stability, resulting in easier wheeling and better utilization of the user’s body movements. Optional adaptable seat depth and seat angles to ensure that each user obtains the necessary postural stability and support.
  • Almost all parts on the MyOn™ Active frame are interchangeable with other MyOn™ chairs. All parts such as the armrest, the leg rest, the wheels are compatible with each other.
  • Choice of an active or passive rear axle position allows the dealers and therapists to customize the center of gravity.
  • MyOn™ Active also comes in a Heavy Duty version with a user weight of 350 lbs, which offers flexibility in a chair to suit almost everyone.
Overall Width: 12in plus seat width
Seat Width: 15in – 24in (20in, 22in and 24in are for HD frames only)
Seat Depth: 16in – 20in
Rear Wheel: 20in, 22in, 24in
Back Height: Anywhere from 16in – 20in, See brochure for more details.
Back Angle: 0 degrees, 7 degrees
Product Weight: approx. 33.5 lbs
Product Weight Capacity: 275 lbs, 350 lbs for HD version

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